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Why People Own Their Own Boots

I don’t just have my own inventory of boots for you to book for my sessions, but I have kangooers who own their own boots!

I asked them why they love to own their own boots, and this is what a few have said.

For gdpr reasons their names and details are hidden.

Claire W

I bought my own boots after attending around 15 sessions of Kangoo. The way I looked at it, having my own boots was value for money because sessions are cheaper and I can attend classes at the last minute without worrying/checking if boots are available in my size. I also know their history and how long I’ve been using them for work outs. As a party piece they’re pretty impressive for a laugh and the extra height is a huge advantage at home 😂Afterwards I asked myself …what took me so long? 😁🦘💃

Claire G

I have my own boots because I have made a commitment to Kangoo Bounce, and to my own health. Benefits are also only I have worn them. Also, I can go to any bounce class and not have to wait and see if boots become available. Most of all I enjoy Kangoo Bounce and have a great time, even if I get some moves wrong.

Why not treat yourself to a pair also, best investment into your health!

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