Ready to experience a workout like never before?

Join us for one of our exhilarating Kangoo Jump classes and bounce your way to a healthier, happier you!

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Jump Ahead with Edd

Jump Ahead with Edd, and fall in love with exercise. I make sessions fun with upbeat music, and new routines every 6-8 weeks and always bring 1000% energy to my sessions. I’m referred to as the Duracell Bunny!

I have a regular kangooer who says he dislikes exercise in every way, and the idea of going to the gym is even worse! But he turns up weekly to jump with me, as he says my exercise sessions are like a party and you forget you’re actually working out!

Come and give it a try and you will find out for yourself that exercise can actually be fun.

Kangoo Jumps in Wallingford and Dry Sandford, Abingdon

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