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My Background Setting Up Edds Fitness

Around 2015 I put on my first pair of boots and instantly fell in love with it and did it for 5 years as a participant, but then our instructor had to give up due to underlying health issues. I then saw my opportunity to take on this sport, went to London in April 2019 and did my Dance Fitness Level 2 Qualification and Exercise to Music and obtained my Kangoo Jumps license in August 2019, I now have all the qualifications required, and now just had to set up all the admin side, and purchase an inventory of boots/equipment required to run my sessions.

I did my first ever session in September 2019 and took on two weekly sessions, but little did I know that 6 months later we would have a pandemic with lockdowns, so I had to think very quickly about how to keep my new business going and keep my few clients I had at that point on the books, so I rented out my boots on monthly hire and went online on Zoom. Straight after the pandemic, we hit the cost of living and as we all know we had to give up things we liked, and unfortunately exercise is the first thing to stop spending money on, but each week I have my core regulars and newbies which I love.

Not going to lie since setting up Bounce-Around with Edds Fitness, I have not had the easiest of journeys directing a new business through a pandemic and then the cost of living. But here I am still going strong with two weekly sessions (one in Wallingford and one in Dry Sandford, Abingdon) And always looking at ways to expand my company and take on new challenges. I suffer from ADHD quite badly, and Kangoo Jumps really helps me control my mental health, as it burns off the hyper-ness that I get built up in me as I have a Monday to Friday desk job also! I am known by some of my Kangoo Family as the Duracell Bunny or Tiger as I just keep going

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