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Losing Weight Isn’t Easy – Trust Me I Have Been There

Yes, I have gone through a weight loss journey!

Weight loss is probably one the most used words in my company and we all have a different relationship with weight. Trust me I have had my own weight loss journey, as I used to weigh 18 stone (114KG) I am not joking, below are just a few pictures of how I used to look and how I look now.

I have a full page on my website about my weight loss but below is a more in-depth story of how and what I did to lose weight and maintain.

How I lost my weight you may ask?

Well, I first joined WeightWatchers in January 2010 and was committed to loose weight. I lost for the first few months well, and then of course like everyone does I yoyoed for a few months, 1 pound or 2 on etc, and it was at this point where I was more committed, started at the gym, kept on a good diet and finally the scales shifted again, and within 10 months I had lost over 6 stone. I then got a PT, and he did a food diary with me and helped me lose more body fat and gain good muscle mass. He used to absolutely kill me and I would come home not being able to walk or lift my arms as they ached so much, but this is a good ache to have.

Since then I have always been at a constant weight, but this year (2023) in the Summer I injured my shoulder badly and had to stop the gym for at least 2 months, and therefore lost a lot of muscle mass and around 7-9 pounds of weight.

However since October, I have pushed myself back to the gym 3 days a week (5.30 am Monday, Wednesday & Friday) and my 2 Kangoo Jump sessions, and the scales have gone up 3 pounds, and my body fat has reduced!

In the gym, I do only weight training and focus on 2 muscle groups per session and then my 2 Kangoo Jump sessions in Wallingford Oxfordshire and Dry Sandford, Abingdon Berkshire are my calorie and cardio burn.

I, unfortunately, have genes where I can smell a cake and put on weight, so I am always very careful about what I eat and exercise, as exercise is only 20% of weight loss, and the other 80% comes from a good diet.

If you have any questions regarding weight loss please do ask me as I love to help others get to their goal weight and hope this blog has been fun to read.

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