Mental Health Matters

edds fitness - the importance of self care

I suffer with ADHD and have done for 28 years. I always find exercise especially Kangoo Jumps really aids my mental state. However, the last 4 weeks have been more important than ever as I have had a cocktail of different medications over 9 months due to worldwide shortages, and all the side effects and chemical makeups of the different medications over the 9 months, caused me to to finally break and have a full on ADHD breakdown.

I have now spent 4 weeks rebuilding myself and my mental health to get me back to a more balanced mental state. Before the breakdown I wouldn’t be honest, and say yes I am fine to everyone and carry on wearing a fake smile, but since the breakdown, I am now being honest and if someone asks if I am ok, I am now saying how I am feeling.

The moral of my blog is to say, to speak up when you don’t feel ok in your mental state and talk about your feelings. Bottling it up really doesn’t help, and I have been taught that “It Is Ok To Not Be Ok”